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  1. Video Games Are Ruining My Life
  2. is it all worth it?
  3. Pretty Depressed right about now
  4. Losing weight from stress
  5. The Best inspirational Quotes
  6. ugh, exams?
  7. Why do girls always go for bad boys?
  8. Im gonna break someones neck. Please read....
  9. What to do with this "bully"
  10. Are relationships and looking for love a waste of time?
  11. Staff Problem (Need help from someone experienced with business)
  12. Really Depressed
  13. Getting engaged
  14. Eating healthier
  15. Girl from last night.
  16. Brotherly Help
  17. Upperclassmen Problems.
  18. So there's this girl...
  19. Quit football, now how do I lose weight?
  20. Acne.
  21. Sent Unlawfully to a mental Insitution & learned how to meditate.
  22. Should I try weed?
  23. Feeling Depressed
  24. Lul Infraction.
  25. Should I ask her out again?
  26. Need Help with getting my first job.
  27. Running out of things too say
  28. Girl problems *sigh*
  29. Height :3
  30. Sleeping problem
  31. This Girl
  32. Online Jobs?
  33. girl problems
  34. Which should I get? Fashion help.
  35. Girl Troubles...
  36. 1 year marks...
  37. Purpose of Personal Support & Assistance Forum
  38. Forum purpose, rules and what can be posted here [READ ME]
  39. ZERO TOLERANCE Policy on Posting
  40. You can request and give advice anonymously! Read me!
  41. Heart Operation
  42. What Are you Proud of? What Arent you Proud of?
  43. My Backpack got stolen this morning at School ^.^
  44. What's the best cardio workout to burn fat?
  45. Most painful event/situation you have lived through?
  46. I want to learn Chinese and Go to China
  47. Being a nice guy
  48. Are you attractive?
  49. Need to get away from porn
  50. Ok weird issue