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Scammer Paarthurnax
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Old 04-22-2012, 04:31 PM
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Default Scammer Paarthurnax

Yesterday i contacted him as i wanted to buy 2 upgrades. He didn't have them at that time and so he contacted me today saying that he can sell them now. I only decided to buy 1 now.

So heres our convesation :
He got the money after i said part of his rsn and he said obv.

So then he logged out. I logged in on my account and there was his ip or proxy that he logged in with:
He took about 5-6m of supplies from the account.

After that i posted on his upgrading thread, that hes a scammer and i have proof. Then he paniced and sent me another PM, like nothing happened:

As you can see the names are the same.

If anything is missing then let me know, he has to be banned.
My vouches.

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Default Re: Scammer Paarthurnax

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