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Basic Trading Practices for Gold Exchange
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Rosette Basic Trading Practices for Gold Exchange

-If you're not paying for GP with cash, (ie trading my computer for GP) that doesn't belong here. Post in the real life sales forum here

-NEVER use Teamviewer if the other person asks to "verify", THIS IS A SCAM! Report the user in question in the report a scammer forum and they'll be dealt with accordingly. I suggest always using an MM/OMM for your trades, as they can help spot scammers.

-Check the report a scammer section before you trade with someone; they might have open scam reports against them. Google the user's name "username123 Sythe profile" to help view the user's trading history.

Does a person's buying offer sound too good to be true? Significantly higher or lower than the market price?
That's because it is!

Almost all forms of online payments can be claimed back as fraud!
You will lose your money when accepting these fraudulent payments!
(Yes! "Gift" payments, "Verified Paypal" payments, AND "balance payments" can be charged back!)

Please read the following threads regarding PayPal, Player Auctions, and trading safe:
Paypal: Chargebacks and Limitations
A complete guide to Western Union
How to Create and Verify a PlayerAuctions Account

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